The Glenn Vite Farm

Stall: 3
Phone: 269-695-5760
Open: Tues, Thurs & Sat mid June- October 31

The Glenn Vite Farm  was a founding member of the Farmer's Market.    It was founded it 1928, the year after Glenn & Edna  Vite were married.  The family has sold their produce at the Market since the early days when they began selling produce on the Colfax bridge around 1915.  Since it was incorporated in 1924, the Vite family has not missed a single season selling only locally grown, top quality produce at the market.

The stall is run by the family.  Rick Vite, Glenn's son, runs the farm and Glenn's grandson Brad manages the market stall with the regular assistance of his mother-Rick's sister Roberta.  You can usually find Rick Vite stocking fresh produce at the stand located on the farm south of Buchanan, Michigan on Red Bud Trail.  The roadside stand serves hundreds of repeat customers each season under the majestic Maple tree next to many of the original buildings built by Glenn Vite and his sons.

The Glenn Vite Farm is renowned for its delicious cream & sugar sweet corn and fresh picked green beans.  Customers regularly travel across state lines to purchase corn and beans just picked, oftentimes earlier that day!  Quality agriculture and a commitment to freshness bring customers back year after year, generation after generation.

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The Glenn Vite Farm
The Glenn Vite Farm