JJ Angus Cattle Company

Stall: 63
JJ Angus Cattle Company is a family owend and operated farm located in Decatur, MI. They raise and sell elite quality beef both wholesale and retail. You will not find a family that is more dedicated to the quality of their meats than JJ Angus. To them the word "quality" is not just a marketing term! They take great pride in what they do and will not settle for beef that isn't some of the best you've ever had.
It takes many different pieces of the puzzle to consistanly produce beef with excellent marbling and tenderness. The combination of superior nutrition and top of the line genetics from Jerz Angus Farms, (also part of the family farm) produces that elite quailty. All of the crops that are used to feed their animals are grown by them on their farm. JJ Angus does not use artificial growth hormones and no maintenance antibiotics.
JJ Angus also sells pork and lamb that are also raised with the same strict quality standards. In addition to the pork lamb and beef, JJ Angus also has seasonal wild caught great lakes fish! All of their fish is wild caught in the great lakes of northern Michigan and is freshly packaged. Types of fish include Walleye, Perch, Whitefish, Lake Trout, Salmon, and Smelt.
Whether you need a package of brats for a cookout, a brisket for smoking, or one of the best steaks you'll ever have just stop by booth 63 at the South Bend farmers market. Through the week you'll mostly likely be greeted by a lady that has a warm heart and smile. And on Saturdays you'll most likely be greeted by a man that when asked how he's doing, he'll tell you that he's finer than frog hair split three ways!
"And make me savoury meat, such as I love, bring it to me, that I may eat; that my soul may bless thee before I die." Gen. 27:4

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