Caramel Apple Caramel Apple Peanut Caramel Apple Peanut Caramel Apple Pecan Caramel Apple Pecan Caramel Apple
Topper Caramel Apple Topper Caramel Apple Bear Claw Bear Claw Turtle Turtle
Tiger Tail Tiger Tail Turtle Turtle Caramel Caramel
Granola Granola Brown Sugar Granola Brown Sugar Granola Wedding Candy Table!<br>It was a HUGE HIT! Wedding Candy Table!
It was a HUGE HIT!
Mixed Nuts Mixed Nuts Almonds Almonds Cashews Cashews
Sweet Street Pecans Pecans Pistachios Pistachios
Walnuts Walnuts Jumbo Jelly Beans Jumbo Jelly Beans Caramel Apple Caramel Apple
Hand dipping Caramel Apple Hand dipping Caramel Apple Iced Caramel Latte! YUM! Iced Caramel Latte! YUM! All Natural<br>Peanut Butter Grinder!<br>You grind it yourself!! All Natural
Peanut Butter Grinder!
You grind it yourself!!
Tootie Fruittie Popcorn! Tootie Fruittie Popcorn! Spices Spices New Spice & Tea area! New Spice & Tea area!
Fresh baked granola Fresh baked granola Sweet Street Organic Fair Trade<br>Coffee Beans Organic Fair Trade
Coffee Beans
Sweet Street Sweet Street Sweet Street
Sweet Street Sweet Street Sweet Street
Sweet Street Sweet Street Sweet Street
Sweet Street Sweet Street Sweet Street
Sweet Street Sweet Street Sweet Street
Sweet Street Sweet Street Sweet Street
Sweet Street Sweet Street Sweet Street

Sweet Street

Stall: 64
Phone: (574)287-8724
Open: Market Hours

Sweet Street Caramel & Coffee Café is family owned and operated. Since 1999 we have been meeting and satisfying the needs of our customer's daily. Specializing in caramel corn, cheese corn, and kettle corn that is made from scratch each day the old fashioned way. “Taste the difference”. Our creamy caramel makes sweet nostalgic treats. Whether it is an apple topped with our scrumptious caramel, fresh roasted nuts, and rice krispy treat dipped in caramel. This popular combination is sure to please.

At Sweet Street, our coffee is roasted daily. That extra effort produces coffee beans that are brimming with intense flavor. Once you have tried our coffee we know you will appreciate its freshness, quality, and exceptional flavor. While visiting the South Bend Market or the University Park Mall stop by for a cup of Joe or a latté to go. Gift baskets are always available.

We specialize in wedding favors, candy tables, hotel grab bags, bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties, etc! We will take the stress off of you and make your special day as sweet as can be.Visit our store and talk to our team today about your special events!

Fresh GOURMET popcorn, caramel apples, & caramel treats are hand-dipped DAILY! Made from scratch, the best around town.  Gourmet popcorn flavors include caramel corn, cheese corn, Chicago mix, caramel corn with nuts, etc.

We are expanding our line of loose leaf tea!! Tea is very high in antioxidants and is great iced!

Fresh baked granola is made from scratch daily. Try it on top of yogurt. Delicious! We have three base granolas: brown sugar, natural brown sugar & honey.  We take our base granolas and add premium dried fruits to them to make our specialty mixes. 

PB&J (new) is baked with honey and fresh ground natural peanut butter.  We then add whole peanuts and whole dehydrated strawberries! It tastes like a crustless pb&j! Take your taste buds back to your childhood with this healthy snack!
Very Berry Granola is brown sugar based with blueberries, cherries, & cranberries.  Cherry Nut Granola is brown sugar based with cherries, almonds, & coconut. 
Honey Nut Granola is honey based with cherries, almonds, & pecans.
Heart Healthy Granola is honey based granola with cherries, almonds, & walnuts.
Honey Flax Granola is honey based granola with flax seed added.  Great for your digestive system.

Ask for a sample of granola today and you'll be hooked.

What's new at Sweet Street?  Dehydrated fruit! No sugar added! Strawberries, cantaloupe, pineapple & star fruit!  Dried fruit is a very healthy snack!

Love to cook? Check out our new SPICE PANTRY!  Sweet Street now has a walk in pantry FULL of unique bold spices! Do you have a recipe that calls for a spice you have never heard of?  Check out our selection and you just may find exactly what you need!


Fair Trade Certified Organic coffees are roasted every week.  We roast our coffee at different levels to suit all taste buds. 


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