Maple Land Farms Maple Land Farms
Maple Land Farms Maple Land Farms
Maple Land Farms Maple Land Farms
Maple Land Farms Maple Land Farms

Maple Land Farms

Stall: 55
Phone: 574-646-2333
Open: Saturday, March-Christmas, Tuesday and Thursday (May-thru Christmas)

Carol, who worked the booth with her grandmother over 60 years ago, now has her own grandchildren working at the booth along with Carol and her husband Irvin. They produce and sell maple syrup all year round. Seasonally, they sell pussy willows, herb plants, cut and dried flowers, fresh cut pine garlands, which are all from their farm. They also market scented geraniums, and process and sell black walnut and butternut meats.


Spring begins early at the farm.  January is the time to make sure the winter's work has been done and things are ready for the new year.  January also holds the preparation for the maple syrup season.  The sugar camp needs readied, the trees need tapped and the buckets hung.  With about 4,000 taps in production, this means a lot of drilling, walking and carrying, in hope that the weather will cooperate long enough to make the work worthwhile.

February and March find us watching the weather closely.  It takes freezing nights and warm days to make the maple sap run.  This early spring weather will make the syrup season vary each year.  It could be over in just a few days, but typically spans six to eight weeks.  The sap is collected and boiled down, using an average of 50 gallons to make a single gallon of syrup.

Summer on the farm is simply an unfolding of spring.  Beginning in April, the flower plants that were begun in the greenhouses are being planted in the field.  The herb plant seedlings that have been growing are readied for market at this time also.  April and May are filled with the constant activity of planting and digging.  May also brings the beginning of the gresh cut flower saless with some of the early blooming varieties.

June through September is cut flower season.  We have fresh cut bouquets ranging from baby's breath to gladiolus.  The selection will vary depending on the varieties in bloom through the season.

Fall is a continuation of summer.  As the weather cools down, the flowers slow their production.  The fresh cut flowers come to an end with the frosty weather in the fall.  October and November are the time to find your fall items such as gourds and Indian corn.  We begin making dried flower arrangements using the flowers that we have frown, harvested, and dried during the summer months.  These are available in various size bouquets and baskets.

December brings a holiday emphasis with many special dried arrangements for Christmas decorating and giving.

Winter is the time we sometimes get between the fall and spring activities to relax and order seeds and supplies to focus on growing for you in the year ahead.



Maple Land Farms is owned and operated by Irvin and Carol Lemler.  It is a very diversified farming operation, with the name coming from the forty acre maple woods on the property and the production of maple syrup that is part of the family business.  Irvin and Carol are assisted in working various parts of the farm enterprise by their four children: Tim, Tom, Todd, and Tiffany (and their respective families). 

This is a family farm with the emphasis on doings things right to produce a quality product at a fair price.  Because we produce what we sell, many of our products are seasonal.  We strive to produce enough maple syrup to have available year round.

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