We are a small farm located in with large ambitions to provide quality food with exceptional flavor to as many individuals and families as we can at a fair price.   We care for and raise all of our animals in a low stress environment.  They are raised with love and we adhere to high standards of animal welfare.  At our farm we welcome all questions about how we do business and are very transparent.  We have an open door policy to all of our customers and animal rights groups by appointment.  We have streamlined the process of buying from a local farm to make it less intimidating for first timers and enjoyable for seasoned buyers.  Customer service, honesty,  and transparency are our main priorities when working with the customer.  We work for you and never forget it.  Without our customers we would not be afforded the opportunity to pursue our passion for raising high quality pork, chicken and turkey.  For more information visit our website: www.BennettFarmsMichigan.com.  You can also call us with any questions you may have (574) 849-0068.