Crystal Springs Creamery is a small family business presenting you and your family with fresh wholesome dairy products. The creamery is located directly on the farm, where we as a family grow the crops, milk the cows and process the cheese and yogurt. We produce our products in small batches, with minimal processing, paying attention to every detail. We are passionate about producing healthy, high quality dairy products that are delicious and nutritious for you!

Our milk doesn’t contain any added preservatives, and our cows are not treated with any growth hormones or rBST. The cows live a comfortable life and their diet consists of alfalfa, corn, and grass, which is grown in the fields surrounding the farm.

The creamery was added to the farm in early 2017. Several years ago as we were making yogurt in our kitchen, the dream to process and sell yogurt in larger quantities, began to grow.