About the Market

The Colfax Street bridge opening July 25, 1911 and was the first site for the Public Market.

From 1911 to 1923, farmers, small gardeners, businessmen and concessioners within a 40-mile radius of South Bend came to the Colfax bridge to sell their produce and merchandise. The market, which was open year-round, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, began at dawn and closed at 10am.

By 1923, the market had grown too big for the Colfax bridge. There were often more than 100 sellers and thousands of buyers on a single day.

In May of 1923, the market was relocated to South Fellows Street, near the New York Central Railroad crossing.

The market remained at that site until late in 1928, when it was moved to its present location on Northside Boulevard.

The market was incorporated in 1924.

A fire in September of 1971 destroyed part of the market.

The new Farmer’s Market building was opened December 14, 1972, with new facilities to serve the customers better.

The Produces Market, or Farmers Market as we call it today, continues to be a bustling place. It is still open on the days established in 1911 – Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. It is also open on Friday starting on the first Friday of May thru the Friday before Christmas.

A restaurant is located in the center of the market, with three counters. It remains busy throughout the day.

Farmer’s Market is a South Bend landmark that is mighty proud of its history.

The market continues to offer the same benefits to the community as it did at the beginning: fresh, home-grown produce (fruits and vegetables), dairy products, meats, poultry, eggs, maple syrup, jams, jellies, flowers, handcrafts, artwork, jewelry, gift items and many more unique items.

When you put all these products and the restaurant in one H-shaped building, add the atmosphere of a bazaar, a crowd of eager customers, and the warmth of Michiana friendliness, you’ve got…